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April 30, 2010

Iron Lion Zion

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Saw Iron Man 2 last night.  I am a complete comic-book movie nut, I love them, and I find it really difficult to judge them objectively.  But I loved this movie.  Nothing says summer more eloquently than a queue at the cinema for the newest, ‘splodiest blockbuster!

Downey Jr is just perfect in this role.  I thought the villain was a bit cheesy, but am loving the slow build-up to Avengers goodness.  Marvel have really got to get this one right, and they seem to be on track so far.  The fact that they’re using Joss Whedon on Avengers fills me with confidence — he knows the franchise, loves the universe, and writes very well for ensembles.  Bring on Thor!


Volt egy öreg apó

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So, tonight’s BBC Symphony Chorus rehearsal is the last in this set of Bartok rehearsals.  Cantata Profana will be one of the Prom pieces we perform later this summer.  We did it a few years back at the Proms under David Robertson, and it will be good to do it with him again.  He has a great rapport with the chorus, and everyone loves his musical intelligence.

But, Bartok.  It’s a great piece, full of some lovely melodies and haunting sections.  But Hungarian is a bloody hard language to pronounce.  I remember last time we performed the piece never thinking I really got to grips with the palatal ‘gy’ sound.  Well I’m bloody going to get it this time, even if it turns my tongue inside out!  My reputation depends on it 😀

The title of this post is the first line of the piece, which translates to ‘Once there was an old man’.  Eastern European fairy-tales are quite dark, I’ve found.  Some of the myths and tales set by Bartok and composers like Kodaly and Sibelius are quite bloody.  This one has a great story, which reminds me somewhat of the Celtic legend of the Children of Lir, though without the evil stepmother element.

Who’da thought this is how the pieces fit?

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Well, here we are.  A blog, no less.  After a few failed attempts, finally a home for musings.
This blog, I should say, is a consequence of the regrettable death of the Planet Jitsu journals system where I previously wittered on.  I hope to continue in pretty much the same vein, though possibly expanding on the depth and breadth of the topics I touch on.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to do some work.

Oh yes — the heading of this post is the first line from Julia Fordham’s classic song, ‘Love Moves (In Mysterious Ways)’.  I’ve always liked it, and I think I may try to use lines from songs as post titles at least until inspiration starts avoiding me in the street.

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