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October 5, 2012

She’s a Man-eater

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My increasingly infrequent series of blogs about classic novels continues — hurrah!  Contrary to my previous blog in this series, where I thought I’d be tackling The Picture of Dorian Grey, I instead have found myself reading Jane Austen’s Emma.  On my new Kindle, on which I have loaded several other classic titles, of which more anon.

But first, Emma.  I knew the vague outlines of the story, and though I am allergic to period drama (and real-life drama, for that matter), I knew that Emma has had its own adaptation on the BBC, and I was ready for a froth of lace and piano playing, with the delightful Miss Austen providing social commentary via her characters, many of whom would be entirely agreeable and fun to listen to.

Ah, me!  Oh, foolish notion!  Emma was, I confess, far less enjoyable for me than Pride and Prejudice had been, and the fault for that lies solely at the (I’m sure very respectably-shod and dainty) feet of Miss Emma Woodhouse herself.  What a truly loathsome and objectionable creation she was!  How obtuse and demanding, how conscious and superior, how condescending (with no basis).  If I were to say that she rubbed me the wrong way, you may conclude that I have been quite thoroughly made raw by such rubbing.  It was a huge struggle to finish the novel with such an unsympathetic main character.  And her thoroughly annoying father helped matters not in the slightest.

Gah!  Dreadful heroine, but the book was better than she made it.


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