Fascinatin' Rhythm

April 30, 2010

Who’da thought this is how the pieces fit?

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Well, here we are.  A blog, no less.  After a few failed attempts, finally a home for musings.
This blog, I should say, is a consequence of the regrettable death of the Planet Jitsu journals system where I previously wittered on.  I hope to continue in pretty much the same vein, though possibly expanding on the depth and breadth of the topics I touch on.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to do some work.

Oh yes — the heading of this post is the first line from Julia Fordham’s classic song, ‘Love Moves (In Mysterious Ways)’.  I’ve always liked it, and I think I may try to use lines from songs as post titles at least until inspiration starts avoiding me in the street.


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