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June 2, 2010

It’s hip to be square

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Ow.  Last night’s session was fun, slightly intense grading prep for those wanting to grade.  I got up at the end to be an attacker, and managed to get kneed in the hip  a few times.  There’s a lovely bruise developing, and I kinda need to walk with a limp.  But I’m getting back into it, and enjoying myself without any demands being placed on me, which is where I want to be.

At the weekend we had our first rehearsal for Mahler 8 at the First Night of the Proms, which was turned into an open rehearsal where anyone could come along and join us.  We also sang a couple of new pieces that we may be recording later in the year — one by a member of the chorus, James Lavino, whom I found out studied at the Juillard School!  Great fun pieces, actually, very effective.  Hard to get an idea of musical style from one piece, but you definitely get a sense of a composer’s personality, even from just a short piece.

But the Mahler was the main event.  I’ve never sung it, or even heard it (that I can recall).  Fantastic piece, great opener for the Proms.  Another rehearsal tonight, just us.  Couple of friends went along and really enjoyed themselves.  Which is nice.

Ow, my hip!  Post title is the classic funk track by Huey Lewis and the News.


May 19, 2010

Is this love that I’m feeling?

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No, it’s pain.  But also love.  Return to Jitsu last night with a proper session, some teaching (nage no kata), but mainly training with a lots of locks and knifework, finished off with a lock circle, two-man attack with knives, and then a three-man frenzy.

I am in lots of pain.  But it’s a good pain.  Didn’t manage to wake up in time for the gym this morning, and now someone’s booked a meeting over lunch — what on earth was he thinking!  Will have to gym before the rehearsal tonight, as I won’t be in the mood after it.

Post title: Whitesnake.  Ah, the 80s!

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