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May 26, 2010

Nobody does it better

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Watched ‘The Terminator’ last night.  Never seen it before, though obviously, being a child of the 80s, I have seen Terminator 2 and all successive films, and loved the Terminator: Sarah Connor series that was cancelled recently.  So it was something of an omission in my SF cinematic viewings.  I was interested to see exactly what everyone raved about.

First: excellent casting of Arnie as a robotic death-dealer who struggles to ape the mannerisms of humanity.

Linda Hamilton: excellent.  Can really see where it all began for her with this movie.

Love interest (Kyle Reese, played by Michael Biehn) is a bit of all right, too.  He can travel down my time tunnel anytime.

In all, apart from the dodgy 80s special effects (wobbly flying machines and robotic claymation a la Ray Harryhausen); terrible Arnie mask revealing the robot underneath; and dodgy 80s soundtrack and hairdos, I was mostly struck by the style of the film.  Loved the flashback sequences, the futuristic terminator ripping through the human survivor settlement, and Kyle’s view of John Connor as a legend.  I was struck by the parallels between T1 and Alien.  The sense of the implacability of the Terminator (and, by extension, the dread felt towards machines) was really heightened, in a classic horror film style.  (I’ve always felt Alien to be a horror movie with SF trappings.)

Great movie.  Deservedly a classic.  Has inspired me to revisit the franchise, but also to look for other classics of the same era.

Post title: Carly Simon’s classic bond theme tune.


April 30, 2010

Iron Lion Zion

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Saw Iron Man 2 last night.  I am a complete comic-book movie nut, I love them, and I find it really difficult to judge them objectively.  But I loved this movie.  Nothing says summer more eloquently than a queue at the cinema for the newest, ‘splodiest blockbuster!

Downey Jr is just perfect in this role.  I thought the villain was a bit cheesy, but am loving the slow build-up to Avengers goodness.  Marvel have really got to get this one right, and they seem to be on track so far.  The fact that they’re using Joss Whedon on Avengers fills me with confidence — he knows the franchise, loves the universe, and writes very well for ensembles.  Bring on Thor!

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