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June 21, 2012

The rest is still unwritten

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But all the rests are in the right place in these piano pieces 😀

Minor trifle No.1.  I love how this turned out — some scrumptious chords 😀

First of a set of simple piano pieces.  I can even almost play this one myself!  😀

Fifth in the same set.  Love the bass line in this one.

Seventh in the set.  I wanted to write a lullaby, but it didn’t turn out too lullaby-like.  Still like the melody though.

Eighth in the set.  Probably doesn’t actually belong, as it’s not as simple as I thought it was going to be when I started it.  But I’m happy with it, especially the middle section.





June 18, 2012

Staring at the blank page

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In my current spare time, I’ve been finishing off a couple of music pieces, and here they are.  I also finally worked out how to create proper scrolling music videos for youtube, so you can listen and watch at the same time 😀

Threnody for Flute and Piano.  I think this is my favourite, particularly the major key melody after the slow central section.

The first threnody I wrote, and probably the most structurally sound.  Could probably have done more with the clarinet line, though.

Threnody for Cello and Piano.  Feels a bit truncated, I think.  Will probably revise and expand this one.

May 11, 2012

Evolution of Song

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Having currently got lots of spare time on my hands, and at the same time having become addicted to the following video on youtube: , I thought I would have a go at identifying all of the songs contained in the 11 minutes or thereabouts of music therein.  So here is my list.  Do please, if you can identify any that I’ve missed, let me know and I’ll update the post.

Evolution Of Song — Titles, artist, and date.
1. Ave Maria (Gospel of Luke)
2. Pié Jesu Domine (Dies Irae, Thomas of Celano, 13th Century)
3. Gaudeté (Christmas Carol, 16th Century)
4. Mozart’s very fine musique (Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 18th Century)
5. Ah-a-a-ah (Queen of the Night’s aria, The Magic Flute, Mozart, 18th Century)
6. Halleluiah (Handel, Messiah, 18th Century)
7. Swing low, sweet chariot (Wallis Willis, 1860s)
8. Home On The Range (American trad., Higley & Kelley, late 19th Century)
9. Pack up your troubles (George Asaf / Felix Powell, 1942)
10. Smile though your heart is aching (Nat King Cole, 1954)
11. Ba-ba-doo ba (Glenn Miller, “In The Mood”, 1930s)
12. Leaning on a lampost (Noel Gay, “Me And My Girl”, 1937)
13. When I’m Cleaning Windows (George Formby, 1936)
14. I got rhythm (Gershwin, 1930)
15. It don’t mean a thing (Duke Ellington, 1931)
16. Hound Dog (Lieber/Stoller 1952, Presley 1956)
17. Love Me Tender (Poulton/Fosdick 1861, Presley 1956)
18. Baby Let Me Be (“Teddy Bear”, Presley 1957)
19. I’m All Shook Up (Presley, 1957)
20. My Peggy-Sue (Buddy Holly, 1957)

21. Hard Day’s Night (Beatles, 1964)
22. Good vibrations (Beach boys, 1966)
23. Barbara-Ann (The Regents 1961, Beach Boys 1965)
24. Summer Holiday (Cliff Richard, 1963)
25. From Me To You (Beatles, 1963)
26. It’s Not Unusual (Reed/Mills, Tom Jones 1965)
27. Why Why Why (“Delilah”, Tom Jones 1968)
28. I’m A Believer (Diamond/Monkees, 1966)
29. Hey Hey We’re The Monkees (Monkees theme, 1966)
30. Daydream Believer (Stewart/Monkees, 1967)
31. I see trees of green (“Wonderful World”, Thiele/Armstrong 1968)
32. Hey Jude (Beatles, 1968)
33. I think I’m gonna be sad (“Ticket To Ride”, Beatles 1965)
34. Paperback Writer (Beatles, 1966)
35. Stop In The Name Of Love (Motown, Supremes 1965)
36. Respect (Otis Redding 1965, Aretha 1967)
37. With no one beside you (“Tragedy”, Bee Gees 1979)
38. Staying Alive (Bee Gees, 1977)
39. In a rich man’s world (“Money, Money, Money”, Abba 1976)
40. So I say (“Thank You For The Music”, Abba 1977)
41. Waterloo (Abba, 1974)
42. Knowing me, knowing you (Abba, 1976)
43. Doo-doo doo-doo (“Mamma Mia”, Abba 1975)
44. Oh ho, ho! (“Kung -fu Fighting”, Carl Douglas 1974)
45. God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols, 1977)
46. I see a little silhouetto (“Bohemian Rhapsody”, Queen 1975)
47. Go, walk out the door (“I Will Survive”, Gaynor 1978)
48. YMCA (Village People, 1978)
49. ABC (Jackson 5, 1970)
50. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson, 1982)
51. Thriller (Michael Jackson, 1982)
52. Her name is Rio (“Rio”, Duran Duran, 1982)
53. Don’t You Want Me (Human League, 1981)
54. Like a Virgin (Madonna, 1984)
55. Da! Da, da da, da-da da (“Jump”, Van Halen 1983)
56. Never Gonna Give You Up (SAW/Rick Astley, 1987)
57. Wake Me Up Before you Gogo (Wham, 1984)
58. So I took a big chance at the high school dance (“Walk This Way”, Aerosmith 1975, Run DMC 1986)
59. You Can Call Me Al (Paul Simon, 1986)
60. I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton 1974, Whitney Houston 1992)
61. Instrumental (“Smells Like Teen Spirit”, Nirvana 1991)
62. Ice, ice, baby (Queen/Vanilla Ice, 1989)
63. In west Philadelphia (“Fresh Prince of Bel Air – Theme”, Will Smith 1992)
64. I’m a creep (“Creep”, Radiohead 1993)
65. I’ll Be There For You (Rembrandts, 1994)
66. No no, no-no no no (“No Limits”, 2 Unlimited 1993)
67. Ezer Goode, Ezer good (“Ebenezer Goode”, The Shamen 1992)
68. Confidence is a preference (“Parklife”, Blur 1994)
69. Three Lions (Skinner, Baddiel, Lightning Seeds, 1996)
70. So Sally can wait (“Don’t Look Back In Anger”, Oasis 1996)
71. You’re my wonderwall (“Wonderwall”, Oasis 1995)
72. Bye Bye Bye (N*Sync, 2000)
73. Everybody Rock Your Body (“Everybody”, Backstreet Boys 1997)
74. I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys, 1999)
75. If you wanna be my lover (“Wannabe”, Spice Girls 1996)
76. Stop Right Now (Spice Girls, 1998)
77. If it hadn’t been for cotton-eyed Joe (“Cotton-Eyed Joe”, trad. 1800s, Rednex 1994)
78. Humm-digga hah (“Macarena”, Los Del Rio 1994)
79. Been spending most our lives (“Gangsta’s Paradise”, Coolio ft. LV 1995)
80. Loving angels instead (“Angels”, Chambers/Robbie Williams 1997)
81. Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams, 1998)
82. Right about now, funk soul brother (“Rockafeller Skank”, Fatboy Slim 1998)
83. Livin’ La Vida Loca (Ricky Martin, 1999)
84. Hit me baby one more time (“Baby One More Time”, Britney Spears 1999)
85. Cause I’m Slim Shady (“The Real Slim Shady”, Eminem 2000)
86. Look at the stars (“Yellow”, Coldplay 2000)
87. I’ve got soul but I’m not a soldier (“All These Things That I’ve Done”, The Killers 2004)
88. I’m Mr. Brightside (The Killers, 2004)
89. I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Artic Monkeys, 2005)
90. You’re Fit But You Know It (Streets, 2004)
91. Sha-la-la la-la (“Is This The Way To Amarillo”, Christie 1971, Christie/Kay 2002)
92. Ra-ra rum-pa-pa (“Bad Romance”, Lady Gaga 2009)
93. Pa-pa-pa-pokerface (“Pokerface”, Lady Gaga 2008)
94. I see you driving round town (“Forget You/Fuck You”, Cee Lo Green 2010)
95. So come on, get it on (“Shine”, Take That 2007)
96. When I see your face (“Just The Way you Are”, Bruno Mars 2010)
97. Ground control to Major Tom (“Space Oddity”, Bowie 1969)
98. Lives in a house, very big house in the country (“Country House”, Blur 1995)
99. Hey, I’m a rocket man (“Rocket Man”, Elton John 1972)
100. You’re All That Matters To Me (Curtis Stigers, 1992)
101. It burns burns burns (“Ring Of Fire”, Johnny Cash 1963)
102. Is This Love (Whitesnake, 1987)
103. (Baby You Can) Drive My Car (Beatles, 1965)
104. How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees, 1977)
105. Let Me Love You (Mario, 2003)
106. Come on let it shine (“Shine”, Take That 2007)

November 3, 2011

The songs I’m singing

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Been a while.  But in my absence, I have been productive.  No, no, hear me out!  This post contains some of what I’ve been working on this year, musically.  I just hope the images work.

I’ve called the piece ‘Threnody’, which, language fans, is a real word.  Dictionary.com defines it as “a poem or song of mourning or lamentation”, and it’s the first in a planned set of similar works.  I first encountered the word ‘threnody’ as a girl’s name in a book when I was just a teenager, and it’s stuck with me since then.

The piece itself was written in response to a recorder player asking people on a forum to write some music for him, and I accepted the challenge.  This piece was actually the second thing I wrote, and, while it’s not perfect, and some of the chords may sound wrong, it’s what I meant.

You can listen to it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjkvnMla4lo


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