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September 23, 2010

Crash, bang, wallop — what a picture!

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First driving lesson last night, taken my the estimable James (who is very attractive, and a nice guy).  But wow, driving has changed quite a lot.  There are a number of acronyms to learn and make second nature, too: the POM (Prepare, Observe, Move) for moving off from the left; LADA (Look, Assess, Decide, Act) for roundabouts; the classic MSM (Mirrors, Signal, Manouevre); SCALP (Safe, Convenient And Legal Place) for parking or pulling up.  And I’m sure there’ll be a few more introduced in the next lesson 🙂  But I enjoyed it, and didn’t disgrace myself too badly.  James is a laugh, and we got on well.  Looking forward to the next lesson!


September 16, 2010

Who’s gonna drive you home tonight?

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So, I have arrived in Manchester, the frozen north.  And one of the first things I’ve done is finally sort out driving lessons, and hopefully the test.  All before Christmas, ideally!

Signed up to 12 hours of lessons with BSM, and I’m hopeful that my prior experience will mean I won’t need much more than that.  Fee includes the theory test, but not the practical test, but does include a pass promise such that, should I not pass first time, test fees are refunded.

First lesson is Wednesday next week.  Wish me luck!  And watch out if you’re going to be on the streets of Manchester that evening!

Post title: classic track by the Cars!  Also used in the first Transformers movie to excellent effect 🙂

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