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May 28, 2010

What a way to make a living

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Had a professional coaching session this morning, part of a leadership course I’m currently doing.  Decided to take up the option of having some coaching, and I have to say, it’s turning out to be really useful and somewhat revelatory.  I have now got some challenges to face over the next few weeks before the next session, but am enthused and motivated about doing so.

Not that I was ever ambivalent about the coaching.  But talking with my coach has crystallised some of my thoughts about work and some other issues.  Actually stating concerns and ambitions to another person makes them real — putting them into words rather than just having feelings makes them more concrete, in some ways.

So, I realised that, yes, I love having many different interests, and I would love my career to enable me to juggle lots of different pursuits or have input into many areas, rather than being a specialist in one or two.  I’m certainly going to investigate Information Architecture more deeply, as I think it is really interesting and opens many routes up to me.  The whole Manchester thing will be challenging but ultimately I am convinced of the rightness of it, and that will help be resist the naysayers.

Of course, the sun helps me to be optimistic, too.  Trick will be to see whether this positive attitude carries on through the autumn and winter.

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